During the day, I am working full-time as a Product Design Lead in the FinTech space. In my spare time, I am an Illustrator by heart. Yes, my last name is fake! Cause my real name is sooo unpronouncable.
This is how it began: As teenager I won 10+ competitions in art, photography, and writing, I was killing it! That led to a career in Brand Design and Product Design, where I am today. I apply the topics from my professional world into my art in a playful way. Think for example of User Needs, Growth Hacking, Mental Health, Product Design, and Coaching.
When I took an Coaching Course for 12 months, one moment was memorable: One individual was offered a promotion to a better job by her supportive manager and she couldn’t accept it for MONTHS. She said: "I am not good enough". In the end she agreed, but it wasn’t easy. In that moment I wanted to make art about it. In general, find topics interesting that are hidden or controversial.
Behind the Screen
I am always looking for an exhibition space or interesting collaborations. Are you up for it?